Recent Groin Pain

Groin pain is a very common condition in many men and as many as one in five men suffer from groin pain sometime during their life. Groin pain is often bothersome and since it is in a difficult place which can lead to embarrassing situations a visit to one of our experts is strongly advised. Recent groin pain is particularly bothersome as it may arise from certain serious conditions.

What can cause a recent Groin Pain

  • Injury due to external trauma causing Bony, muscular or nerve injury
  • Infection in the genitals called Epididymo-orchitis
  • Recent hernia
  • Torsion of the Testis
  • Ureteric Stones
  • Causes of chronic groin pain can also cause acute episodes of pain

How is a recent groin pain managed

A pain in the groin that has recently occurred and is severe must immediately be attended by a urology expert. Once you visit one of our experts, we ensure that you are thoroughly examined. In this process of making the right diagnosis, the evaluation of genital organs is crucial. If the scrotum is swollen then it denotes the possibility of either an infection or torsion. Pain on movement or pressing the muscles would indicate a orthopaedic concern. To confirm the right diagnosis of acute recent groin pain we strongly suggest a doppler study of the scrotum which is a special ultrasound in which we check the blood supply of the testis to ensure its safety. If you have urinary symptoms like burning, pain or blood in urine our experts will also investigate for stones in the pipe of the kidney called the ureter.

If an infection is suspected based on the findings and the ultrasound, then the reason for the infection is looked into by doing a urine test. For musculoskeletal pains x rays may be needed along with the attention of an orthopedist.

Treatment of Acute groin pain

Management of acute pain is with the help of pain killers and anti-inflammatory agents. If the cause of the pain is a torsion of the testis then immediate surgery is advised to de-rotate the testis and fix both the testis in the scrotal sac. In case the pain is due to infection, a course of antibiotics is also needed. Stone pain management depends upon the location and the size of the stone and you can read more about it here. The testis are prevented from hanging by wearing a scrotal support. For musculoskeletal pain or bony injury rest followed by physiotherapy are required. Rarely if there is a fracture, it may need to be fixed.

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