Unable to Ejaculate

Inability to ejaculation is also called anejaculation. In this condition the patient has an orgasm and feels that he has released the semen but nothing comes out. Anejaculation is a problem that requires a visit to an andrology expert to understand the pathology behind the problem. Its resolution may be time taking in some cases and this is considered one of the more difficult problems in Andrology to cure.

Total Anejaculation: This means that you have never been able to ejaculate. if this is associated with orgasms then we call it orgasmic total anejaculation. If orgasm does not come and there is no ejaculation then its called anorgasmic anejaculation.

Situational Anejaculation: This means that you can ejaculate or have ejaculated normally many times but in a given circumstance you are unable to ejaculate.

What causes Anejaculation or inability to Ejaculate ?

If you are unable to ejaculate, there could be a number of reasons for it starting from psychological concerns to nerve related problems and diseases of the genito-urinary system. Based on the fact whether you have an orgasm or not, we can divide you condition into various possibilities:

  • Total Anorgasmic Anejaculation
    • Psychological Factors
    • Stress or previous abuse
    • Low Testosterone levels
    • Psychotropic Drugs
  • Total Orgasmic Anejaculation
    • Nerve related problems
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Pelvic surgery
    • Diabetes
    • Anti-depressives and other medications
  • Situational Anejaculation (nocturnal emissions maintained)
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Environmental issues
    • Partner Specific

How is anejaculation treated ?

Anejaculation treatment depends on the features that the patient has. A hearty talk with our experts will uncover great information about the problem. Often counselling and help of a psychologist will be good enough to cure the problem but sometimes when it is difficult to experience orgasm special treatments may be needed to produce children. these may include treatments like penile vibratory stimulation (PVS), Electroejaculation and if everything fails then sperm retrieval directly from the testis via TESA or PESA.

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