Redness over foreskin


  • Balanoposthitis is a condition that affects the penis. It causes inflammation of the foreskin and glans.
  • Since the foreskin is removed during circumcision, balanoposthitis only affects uncircumcised males.
  • It has many causes, but poor hygiene and a tight foreskin can make it easier to get balanoposthitis.


Infections are among the most common causes of balanoposthitis.Infections that can cause balanoposthitis include:-

  • penile yeast infections
  • chlamydia
  • fungal infections
  • gonorrhea
  • herpes simplex
  • human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • primary or secondary syphilis
  • trichomoniasis
  • chancroid


  • pain, tenderness, and irritation on your foreskin and the head of your penis.
  • discolored or shiny skin
  • dry skin,itching or burning
  • thick, leathery skin (lichenification)
  • unusual discharge
  • tight foreskin (phimosis)
  • foul smell
  • skin erosion or lesions


  • You might need to see a doctor who specializes in urology (urologist),who will examine you and find the exact cause of your symptoms and treat as per the diagnosis.
  • They may take a swab sample from the head or foreskin to examine under a microscope. 
  • Depending on your symptoms, tests such as urinalysis,blood test or a biopsy might also be necessary


Getting rid of balanoposthitis depends on its cause. Treatment options include:-

  • Antibiotics. Your healthcare provider can treat bacterial and viral infections — including STDs with antibiotics. Common antibiotics include amoxicillin, clarithromycin and erythromycin.
  • Antifungal creams. If a fungus is responsible for your balanoposthitis, your provider will prescribe an antifungal cream to treat the infection. Common antifungal creams include clotrimazole , econazole, miconazole and sulconazole. Apply the cream to your foreskin and glans as prescribed by your healthcare provider.
  • Antihistamines. If an allergen causes balanoposthitis, your healthcare provider may recommend antihistamines.
  • Circumcision. If you get balanoposthitis often, your healthcare provider may recommend removing your foreskin. Healthcare providers recommend circumcision most often for people who have phimosis.
  • Improved hygiene. Regularly wash and dry your foreskin, glans and genital area.
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