Bleeding from the penis

Bleeding from the penis is a urological emergency and the most common cause for it is a torn frenulum also known as frenulum breve. We talk about the common causes of bleeding from the penis and how to manage this emergency on your own before you reach a hospital.

Common causes of bleeding from Penis

  • Torn Frenulum – Can cause massive bleeding
  • Tear in the Foreskin – Causes pain and mild bleeding
  • Bleeding from penile infection / ulcers
  • Bleeding from partner misinterpreted as penile bleeding
  • Bleeding from the urinary passage due to urethritis

How to self manage bleeding from the penis ?

Application of ice packs followed by compression of the penis especially at the site of bleeding is the best way to manage the bleeding while you reach the hospital. A clean piece of cloth may be tied around the penis to stop the bleeding temporarily

How is the bleeding controlled in the hospital ?

Once our expert assesses the cause of the bleeding, a small surgical procedure called cauterization of the bleeding points may be required to control the bleeding. This is a small and painless process performed under local anesthesia that takes about 2 minutes to complete. After the bleeder has been cauterized an antiseptic dressing may be applied to the penis.

Other conditions such as infections of the penis and the urinary passage cause only mild bleeding and can be managed without surgery using only medicines such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents.

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