Curved Penis

Curved penis or penile curvature is as common as 30% in some populations. Many men have a curved penis, but it is not a disease. This is a harmless condition that just affects confidence not potency. In majority of cases mild deviation or curvature is not considered to be a problem. Usually curvature of less than 30 degrees does not cause any problem in married life so if its mild you don’t need to worry at all. Curved penis is not a major issue but it does play with your head all the time, so its best to come and discuss with our experts

Correcting curved penis is possible without surgery in some cases using traction devices and self manipulation but the results are overall very poor.

What are the causes of a curved penis ?

curvature of the penis can be due to two main reasons:

Congenital Curvature

It results from the abberation in the development of the penis.

It is present since birth

Usually it is not a progressive condition

Peyronies Disease

Results in curvature due to scarring over penis

Usually happens following trauma

It happens later in life and is a progressive condition

What do we need to know about your curved Penis ?

There are a few set of questions whose answers should be kept ready when you come to meet one of our experts. The common questions that will arise are:

  • Is it a recent curvature or is it present since birth ?
  • Is it also noticeable when the penis is flaccid ?
  • Is there a pain or swelling associated with the curvature ?
  • Is it possible to have intercourse with the curvature ?
  • What is the impact of this curvature on confidence and mental health ?

Based on the response to these questions and a little examination of the penis we will be able to decide whether the curvature needs any further treatment of not. We would prefer a non surgical way for correction wherever possible.

Workflow of Treatment of Penile Curvature

Flowchart of treatment without surgery for curved penis or penile curvature.

Usually we recommend a minor corrective surgery for curvatures which are more than 30 degrees that too if they cause difficulty in intercourse. Milder curvatures do not need any treatment and penile curvature correction devices can be offered in some cases after counselling regarding limited efficacy.
You can read more about the correction surgery here. Our experts offer everything from tunica albugenia plication to excision and grafting.

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