Delayed Ejaculation

Many times one wants to ejaculate but despite minutes of penetrative activity one is just not able to reach that climax to ejaculate and have a pleasurable end to activity. This condition is called delayed ejaculation and it is as much a cause of distress as is premature or early ejaculation.

What causes Delayed Ejaculation ?

Delayed ejaculation is most commonly a result of stress or not being able to propagate a fantasy strong enough to reach a climax. delayed ejacualtion has to be carefully differentiated from anejaculation. Here are some important causes of delayed ejaculation:

  • Stress
    • Partner specific
    • Performance related anxiety
    • Generalised stress
    • Poor body image
  • Nerve related problems
    • Diseases such as multiple sclerosis and other neuropathies
    • Diabetes
    • Injury to the lower abdomen
    • Prior pelvic surgeries
  • Medications

Treatment of Delayed Ejaculation ?

Treatment of delayed ejaculation is very specific to the cause. Medicines to reduce stress are the mainstay and there are specific medicines which are very helpful. Counselling and applying certain tricks helps to enhance fantasy and bring the climax earlier. Lifestyle modifications are also quiet helpful to cure delayed ejaculation.

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