Erectile Dysfunction

Hi ! Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease but a complex. Almost one in two men suffer from it sometime during their lifespan so its absolutely common to have. There is nothing to be freaked about. Its completely curable so lets learn more about it.

How does erection work ?

Before we dive deep into erectile dysfunction we need to understand how erection works. To explain it the easy way we can divide the process of erection into five steps namely the creation of fantasy – relay of signals via the nerves – dilatation of penile artery- filling of penile sponge with blood – compression of the veins due to filled sponge.

This is a simple diagram that explains how erection happens and what can go wrong and cause erectile dysfunction.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction ?

The above diagram already illuminates the causes of erectile dysfunction. Grossly we divide erectile dysfunction into psychogenic (Thought related) and organic (due to underlying disease). There are certain pointers to each:

Psychogenic ED

Starts suddenly without any warning signs and usually other forms of erections apart from erection during penetration are well preserved.

Difficulty in sustaining erections is usually psychogenic ED

Usually easily reversible with short duration therapy

Causes include anxiety, stress, underconfidence, poor surroundings, new partner, aversion to partner etc.

Organic ED

Starts gradually and affects all types of erections like morning erections, erections during masturbation and erections due to external stimuli.

Can be treated with long term Medications

May not be completely reversed and may need implant surgery

Causes include Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, dyslipidemia, arterial diseases, trauma or injury to penis or back etc.

How do we treat erectile dysfunction ?

Step 1: Getting to know the disease better. We discuss the problem at length including how it started and what effect it has along with analysis of possible risk factor.

Step 2: Laboratory evaluation and trial of medication. In some patients who show some risk factors or signs of biochemical disturbances we evaluate using Serum Total Testosterone Test, Sugar profile and other tests. We start a trial of medication and see how the disease responds after 2 weeks.

Step 3: Fine tuning medicine dosage and lifestyle changes. Once the reports are clear and medications seems to be having an effect our experts set a plan for treatment using lowest effective dose of one or more medications. A list of lifestyle changes is provided.

Start your treatment with our experts and see the difference

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