Executive Health Checkup

We are all looking for something different and more detailed. Our Executive Health Checkup at Urocentre is just that. Its an complete end to end solution that covers the surface as well as the depth.

Normally checkups mean just report. There is no one to interpret them. But at urocentre our Men’s Health expert not only analyses the reports but candidly discusses them. He delineates what is concerning and what can be followed up.

So if you are choosing a health checkup let it not be just any health checkup. Choose Urocentre where you can discuss anything, even your sexual concerns.

What happens during an Executive Health Checkup ?

  • Arrival Fasting at our centre
  • Drawing of Blood and Urine samples
  • Time for refreshments
  • Review of reports and ECG and X ray Chest
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Consultation with Men’s Health Expert
  • Dietary Therapy and planning
  • Review of further suggested tests

Why our Health Checkup is the Best ?

Urocentre is a nationally acclaimed Men’s health center. We understand that checkups are not just reports but an action plan for your health in the making. Urocentre endorses Men’s Health and all its centres are men friendly facilities. Here are top 5 reasons are checkups are the best !

  • Express results from world standard equipment and analyzers
  • Consultation with our Men’s Health Experts included
  • Protocol with handpicked tests to cover entire wellness
  • Diet plans and action points for follow up
  • Assurance of Urocentre

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