Bleeding from foreskin or Frenulum

   Frenulum Tear

  • The frenulum, or “banjo string,” is the small ridge of tissue that connects the head of the penis to the shaft. It also acts as a natural retractor of the foreskin over the glans.
  • It is an area with lots of nerves, so it is extremely sensitive. A short frenulum can lead to problems, such as difficulty pulling back the foreskin.
  • As this area is very sensitive, sharp pain is likely. However, light bleeding is not a cause for concern.
  • The bleeding should not last very long after this initial treatment. Treating the wound immediately will also help prevent infection.

How can the frenulum tear?

It is a tight fold of skin and quite thin, so there are many ways that a frenulum can tear.

These include:-

  • Rough sex or vigorous masturbation
  • Cycling
  • Sports
  • Physical labor, such as working on a building site, can lead to accidents, falls, or groin damage.
  • Wearing tight pants and underwear
  • Getting the penis caught in a trouser zipper is painful and can pinch and tear the skin.


  • The primary symptom of a torn frenulum is pain, which is most severe when partaking in activities that put pressure on the area, such as sexual intercourse.
  • There may be bleeding from the area immediately after the incident, resulting from the tear in the skin.


  • There is no treatment specifically indicated for a torn frenulum, as the tissue will usually heal itself spontaneously over time.
  •  It is recommended for affected individuals to avoid sexual intercourse for a period of time following the incident to allow the tissue to heal.
  • Some men find that the tear will not heal itself again naturally and it frequently becomes torn again in the same place. 

                  In this circumstance, a surgical procedure called a frenuloplasty may be indicated, which helps to increase the length of the frenulum and reduce the risk of tearing.

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