Frequency of Urination

Increase frequency of micturition is a very urological concern.

Increase frequency of passing urine can be because of increased urine production, bladder overactivity or poor emptying.

Causes of Increased Frequency:

  • Increased Urine Production – High intake of fluids, Diabetes, Medicines
  • Overactive Bladder – Anxiety, Urinary Infection, stones, Neurological problems or Bladder Irritability
  • Poor Emptying

How to find the exact cause of your increase frequency ?

Generally our experts will first ask you about your water intake, medications history and associated medical conditions such as diabetes. They will enquire about your flow of urine and voiding pattern.

A sugar check, uroflowmetry test and Voiding Diary are some of the first things that will be required to understand the pathology behind increase frequency. If the situation is not completely clear from the above tests then we may need an ultrasound, cystoscopy and rarely a urodynamics study also to find the exact cause and start the right treatment.

What can be done to manage frequent urination ?

Here are some remedies that you can try for reducing your frequency:

  • Calm Down: Anxiety increases certain hormones and causes more urine to be produced. It also reduces bladders threshold, so please calm down. Identify your stressors and work on them
  • Reduce Water Intake: Frequent trips to the washroom don’t help anyone. First and foremost reduce the intake of water so that less amount of urine is produced. Usually 6 to 8 glasses of fluids is enough.
  • Manage your medical conditions: If you have diabetes, stroke or any other medical condition which could lead to increased frequency, it is a good idea to control them. Reduce any medication after consulting your doctor if you feel that medicines could have started this problem.
  • Consult a urologist near you. Here is how a urologist can help:
Urine InfectionsAntibiotics and Anti-inflammatory agents
Overactive BladderAnticholinergics or beta 3 agonists may be started by urologist
Weak BladderUrodynamic evaluation, Cholinergics and Self Catheterisation will be initiated
Blockage in outflowEndoscopy and medications may be given. Sometimes a small endoscopic laser surgery may be needed for optimal relief
Causes and Remedies of increase frequency of micturition or frequent passage of urine

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