Shock waves are the most effective and painless way to manage your kidney stones. Just 40 minutes sitting on a table is all it takes.

Lithotripsy for kidney stone treatment in progress.
Lithotripsy is a painless 30 to 40 minutes session that breaks your kidney stones into small fragments

When it comes to kidney stones most of us get scared of laser surgery. Surgery involves anesthesia, post procedure pain, bed rest and stay in the hospital.

Stone is no longer a Full Stop.

With Lithotripsy you can do just about everything normally without any pain or stay in the hospital.

What is Lithotripsy

We all know about the power of sound. Since the last 30 to 40 years sounds power is being focussed and used to break stones in the kidneys, ureters and bladder using the Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy. With the advances in technology this technique has become even more powerful and painless.

Hundreds of our patients have already benefitted from lithotripsy and you can be benefitted too. This technology is technically side-effect free and also easy to do. For kidney stone patients who usually keep forming stones now and then lithotripsy can save surgeries and bring a smile and sigh of relief.

Can my stone be treated with Lithotripsy

kidney stone treatment in Gurgaon with Shock wave lithotripsy without surgery
  • Stones upto 25 mm in the kidney, ureter or the bladder can be treated with lithotripsy
  • Bigger stones may need more than one sitting
  • Clearance rates with our advanced lithotripsy are as high as 95% for properly selected patients
  • Even old patients and those not fit for surgery can get treated by this modality.

To book your lithotripsy consult you just need to call us at +918383812737 and our patient care executive will connect you with our experts for a consultation.

Stay Stone Free with Urocentre !

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