Nightfall is a normal phenomena which becomes a disease when its frequency increases and quantity increases. It also becomes a disease when we associated wrong thoughts with it such as that of weakness, body pains and allow societies notions to overpower the mind. Let’s learn about normal nightfall and nightfall as a disease and the treatment.

What is Nightfall and Why does it happen ?

Sperm production and release is a natural process. When the sperm is not ejaculated through natural sexual activity or self stimulation a large part of the stored sperms is eaten by the cells of the body and some part of the semen is released during sleep and this is referred to as wet dreams. Usually boys start getting their wet dreams from the average age of 13 years. There is no number to how many wet dreams (nocturnal semen emission) does one get in a day or week as it depends on age, libido and the frequency of self ejaculation.

What is excessive Nightfall and when does it need treatment ?

Excessive nightfall becomes a disease when it becomes too frequent or bothersome and starts to play on your mind or affect your day to day performance. It is important to differentiate Nightfall from Dhaat. Unlike Nocturnal emission that happens only in the night time dhaat is a passage of saliva like secretions that can happen any time and is usually more when the patient strains.

The causes of bothersome nightfall are:

  • Over-stressing over something normal
  • Surge of Testosterone causing a rise in libido
  • Infections of the prostate, seminal vesicles or urethral glands

How is excessive nightfall treated ?

Treatment of excessive nightfall requires a few tests such as examination, semen culture, special serological tests, and occasionally an ultrasound or urine flow test. Counselling is the mainstay of treatment and proper education can help differentiate normal nightfall from excessive nightfall. Course of antibiotics may be needed in cases where infection is suspected.

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