It hurts when I ejaculate

 Painful Ejaculation

  • Painful ejaculation, also known as dysorgasmia or orgasmalgia, can range from mild discomfort to severe pain during or after ejaculation.
  •  The pain can involve the penis, scrotum, and perineal or perianal area.
  • Painful ejaculation can have a serious impact on your sex life.


The symptoms of painful ejaculation vary from man to man. They may also change over time.

Some men only experience symptoms after having sex with a partner, but not when they masturbate.

A few of the most notable symptoms include:-

  • pain during or immediately following ejaculation
  • pain in or around the penis, bladder, or rectum
  • pain that begins shortly before or after ejaculation
  • pain during urination, especially immediately after ejaculating

The pain may last only a few minutes, or for up to 24 hours following ejaculation. It can be mild or very intense.

What causes it?

Following are common causes for painful ejaculation:-

  • Prostatitis
  • Surgery (Such as:-radical prostatectomy)
  • Cysts or stones
  • Anti depressant medications
  • Pudendal Neuropathy
  • Prostate Cancer etc.

How is it diagnosed?

You’ll need a physical, including a digital rectal exam. Be prepared to give a complete medical history and to answer a few questions such as:-

  • How long have you experienced pain with orgasm?
  • How long does it last?
  • Do you produce ejaculate or do you have dry orgasm?
  • What other symptoms do you have? Etc.

Diagnostic testing may include:-

  • urine tests to check for infection
  • prostate-specific antigen test to assess for prostate problems, including cancer


  • Treatment for painful ejaculation depends on the cause.
  • An examination should begin with a complete medical history, including questions about a man’s mental health and relationships. The doctor will ask questions about medications used now and in the past, and any current or history of STIs. Comprehensive STI screening can also be helpful.
  • In most cases, treating the underlying cause also corrects the symptoms of painful ejaculation. Some treatment options may include:-
  • antibiotics to treat a prostate infection or STI
  • change medication if the culprit is a medication
  • surgery to treat prostate cancer and other prostate problems
  • psychotherapy and lifestyle changes to resolve relationship and emotional issues
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