Painful Sex

Pain during intercourse or pain during sex is called dyspareunia. It may be experienced as a sex pain during sexually active. There are a number of causes for Dyspareunia which include:

  • Balanoposthitis or infection of the Foreskin and Glans penis
  • Zoon’s Balanitis
  • Phimosis or tight foreksin
  • Tight Frenulum
  • Prostatitis or Inflammation of the Prostate Gland
  • Orchitis or infection of the testis
  • Epididymitis or infection of the epididymis
  • Peyronies Disease
  • Penile Fracture
  • Psychological Causes such as stress, fear and anxiety
  • Infection of the penile Skin
  • Infections in the partner

How Dyspareunia affects us ?

Dyspareunia or pain during sex is not just a physical problem, it also hits mentally. You shy away from intimacy and your connection with your partner suffers. Apart from the expected reduction in sexual intercourse there is loss of confidence and build up of stress. Dyspareunia needs to be nipped in the bud. The more we let it be the more it destroys us and our bond with our partner. Dyspareunia results from medical conditions that can’t be allowed to extend casually as they can cause permanent damage to organs and fertility.

How is Dyspareunia Treated ?

Use of condoms and lubricants has a very good role in the management of dyspareunia. By giving more time for foreplay lubrication can be increased and pain can be minimized during sex.

Treatment of pain during sex or intercourse revolves around a meticulous examination to find out the precise cause of dyspareunia. Infections are treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines. Frenuloplasty can be performed for tight frenulum and surgical repair may be performed for peyronies disease and penile fractures.

Counselling and explaining the proper way to have intercourse are very helpful in psychological causes.

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