It is Shrinking

   Penis Shrinkage 

  • The term “Penis shrinkage” refers to a reduction in the size of the penis. 
  • Shrinkage might be permanent in some cases, or it can result from a treatable disease or poor living habits in others.
  • Penis shrinkage, also known as penile atrophy, is a frightening aspect of the ageing process because it does occur, and it occurs as a result of various age-related concerns that men face.


Some of the main reasons of Penis Shrinkage are listed below:-

  • Ageing:-Because of ageing, the fatty deposits in your arteries may cause a reduction in blood flow to your penis.
  • Weight Gain:-Weight shrinks your penis in a few ways.Such as:-Larger Stomach,Poor Erection Strength and Increased Levels of Estrogen.
  • Smoking:-Smoking accelerates atherosclerosis by increasing the rate of plaque build-up in your arteries.

It can reduce blood flow to the penis and makes it smaller while erect.

  • Peyronie’s Disease:-If someone has Peyronie’s disease, fibrous scar tissue forms inside the penis, causing it to become curved during erection. 

As men get older, they may get Peyronie’s disease. It can also cause a reduction in the length and circumference of your penis. 

  • Prostate Surgery:-If you have prostate surgery, particularly for cancer, there is a high chance your penis will shrink.
  • Medications:-Certain medications reduce blood flow or disrupt the hormones responsible for male sex drive and erections.


If you find the condition of Penis Shrinkage visit to a doctor,he will diagnose you and find the exact cause and start the treatment.

  • The majority of causes of penis shrinkage, such as smoking and obesity, can be addressed by changing one’s lifestyle.
  • If your drugs are causing your penis to shrink, you may be able to reverse the shrinkage with a prescription modification.
  • Some men with penile shrinkage following prostatectomy may find that their condition improves on its own within a few months to a year.
  • Peyronie’s disease is treated by eliminating scar tissue from the inside of the penis, which can be done with medication or surgery.
  • Although penis shrinking is irreversible, correcting the curvature can aid in improving sexual function and reducing pain.
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