Premarital Checkup

Pre-marital checkup is aimed at screening with regards to sexual function or fertility. Many men discover problems with potency or fertility after marriage. By this time it is usually too late. Potency related problems are the number one cause of marital stress and separation or divorce. With a premarital checkup you can:

  • Clarify your doubts about sex and how to perform intercourse
  • Get assurance about your potency or ability to have intercourse with your partner
  • Rule out any infection of the private organs like STDs
  • Screen any diseases that can cause problems in having intercourse
  • Get a semen analysis to see if you can father a child
  • Assess your testosterone hormone

What happens during a premarital checkup ?

During the premarital checkup our expert will talk to you regarding any doubts or sexual problems. Our expert with take a detailed history to make sure no problem is missed.

If needed our expert will examine your private parts. He will see if there is anything that can cause concern after marriage . These concerns could be a tight foreskin, testicular and penile size problems, or STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

Following this our expert will advise a couple of tests to assess hormones and fertility. These tests are Total Testosterone and Semen Analysis. Once the reports are available our expert will sit down with you again on the next day. He will discuss the reports and remaining questions.

Why you should get a Premarital Checkup ?

Premarital checkup help clarify any doubts tensions and concerns. This is important before entering into a committed relationship. Here are some advantages of getting a pre-marital checkup

  • Gives you confidence
  • Solves and helps to perform better sexually
  • Enhances bonding and trust between the partners
  • Avoids issues leading to separation or divorce
  • Sign of loyalty and care for your partner

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