Pus from the Penis

Discharge of pus from the penis is an alarming sign of sexually Transmitted Infections. However there are some other causes for this too. If you have a pus discharge from the penis then you should visit an expert urologist because neglecting this can lead to narrowing of the urinary passage.

What causes discharge of pus from the penis ?

  • Pus discharge from the urine opening
    • Urethritis or Infection of the Urinary Tube
    • Severe Urinary Tract Infection
  • Pus discharge from the penis or foreskin
    • Necrotic Discharge from Penile tumor
    • Ruptured abscess of the penile skin or foreskin

What is the treatment of Pus Discharge from the penis ?

The treatment of pus discharge revolves around the cause. Cause can only be ascertained by proper history and physical examination.

Special antibiotics are needed for Pus discharge due to sexually transmitted infections. Also there is a need to screen for other sexually transmitted infections such as Syphilis, HIV and HSV. Partner treatment is also a part of complete care.

Pus discharge due to heavy urinary tract infections needs a urine culture sensitivity test. This test needs to be given with special precautions.

If pus is coming from a penile swelling then a biopsy of the swelling may also be needed to diagnose the penile tumor.

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