Small Penis

One may say that everyone desires that their penis was longer but many amongst us are worried that their penis is too short. There are only a few cases where penis is actually short and needs some form of treatment.

The average length of the penis is 4 to 5.5 inches for Indian men. This length is called the stretched penile length and there is a particular way to measure it. The penis needs to be stretched and the measuring tape must impinge on the pubic bone and measure the penis till the tip.

Here are some causes of a small penis

  • Apparently small penis: In these conditions the penis is normal in total size but the visible part is small
    • Buried Penis: The excessive prepubic fat or fat around the penis makes the penis to look small. Once the penis is streached the length is normal
    • Trapped Penis: Tight and short foreskin may lead to the penis being trapped and limited due to limitation of the foreskin
    • Webbed Penis: Penile skin is anchored to the scrotum
  • Actually small penis: Micropenis is the actually small penis in which the entire penis is small. This could be due to developmental problems, genetic defects and hormonal imbalances

Can small penis be corrected ?

Small penis can definitely be corrected in majority of cases. There are cosmetic surgeries which can performed to correct buried, trapped and webbed penis. If the penis is actually small treatment is only effective if treatment is performed in the childhood. After maturity penile enlargement surgery is the only surgery which can be offered to the patient.

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