Swollen Foreskin

Swollen foreskin is usually the result of infection of the glands of the foreskin called Balanoposthitis. However sometimes it can be due to an emergency condition called Paraphimosis where the skin remains retracted and becomes swollen. Hence it is necessary that our experts see you urgently and treat you.


Paraphimosis is a medical emergency in which the skin becomes swollen and you cannot reposit it back to the front. The skin retracts and swells causing severe pain with redness of the tip of the penis.

If not treated urgently it can cause increase in discomfort and may require surgery to reposit the foreskin back or remove it.


Balanoposthitis is another common reason for swelling and redness over the foreskin. This is essentially an infection which is usually caused by bacteria but it may also be allergic in nature. You need to see a urologist for its management which includes antibiotics along with medicines that reduce pain and swelling

A case of balanoposthitis where the foreskin becomes pink and painful. It is usually difficult to retract the foreskin in this condition

Other Causes

Allergies to food and medicines or a local injury can also lead to swelling of the foreskin. There are relatively harmless causes with good recovery with medicines and avoidance of the allergen.

Here’s what you can do for emergency initial management of Swollen Foreskin

  • Put an icepack over the swelling so that it does no increase too much
  • Try to pull the skin to the front by applying pressure from the base of the penis in a forward direction like shown in the above picture
  • Book an emergency appointment with a urologist near to you

Treatment of Swollen Foreskin

Swelling in foreskin due to paraphimosis has to be reduced manually or by using an injection called hylase. In some cases Circumcision or dorsal slit may be required to cure paraphimosis.

Swelling due to balanitis or balanoposthitis can be treated with medicines only. If the skin has become too tight then circumcision may be required to remove the dead or damaged foreskin.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information at +918383812737. Our team of experts will help you recover from this condition. Don’t let phimosis ruin your sexual life.

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