Testicular Trauma

If you’ve recently got hit down under (Testicular Trauma) please read this article carefully to understand what harm could have been done and what you should do to improve the situation. Many people get hit at the testis with a ball, others may be hit by a cycle rod or while casual playing or a small fight. Whatever has caused the trauma you need an immediate inspection by a medical expert. Meanwhile let’s understand what this trauma could mean ?

Implications of Testicular trauma

Testicular trauma is not very common but not too rare either. We’ve seen patient with trivial trauma as well as patients who’s testis has completely burst out. The first step for damage control is to see where the injury has taken place.

Injury can occur at any of the following places:

  • Injury over the upper part of the testis or the cord
  • Injury on the upper pole of testis called the epididymis
  • Injury on the front of testis called the testicular parenchyma
  • Injury to the lower pole of the testis

Injury to the testis can lead to

Disruption of blood testis barrier and creation of anti-sperm antibodies

Damage and blockage of the epididymis leading to infertility

Damage to the blood supply of the testis causing loss of testis

What to do in case of Testicular Trauma

If you have had a testicular trauma you can follow these steps:

  • Assess the damage and look for any active bleeding
  • Apply an ice pack to reduce bleeding and compression of surrounding cord structures
  • Wear a tight underwear or scrotal support to prevent the testis from hanging
  • Book an emergency appointment with a Urologist

How is Testicular Trauma managed

Trauma to the testis is managed based on the degree of damage to the testis.

  • Mild trauma associated with only some swelling can be managed with just scrotal support and some anti-inflammatory medications
  • Moderate trauma associated with formation of a lump over the testis needs to be evaluated with an ultrasound in order to completely assess the degree of damage.
  • Severe trauma which is associated with increase in size of the swelling and pain is evaluated by an ultrasound and may require surgery to repair the site of bleeding and the testis.

Injury to the testis may be a medical emergency. For support please call our team at the helpline number +91-8383812737 and inform them that you have had a trauma and need to see our expert immediately.

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