Tight Foreskin | Phimosis | Circumcision

Tight Foreskin is medically called Phimosis.

Phimosis can occur when skin is not routinely retracted in the process of natural growth during childhood or when it becomes affected by infections or autoimmune disease called Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans.

If you think you are suffering from tight foreskin you need to know the degree of this phimosis. Our quick guide can help you. Choose the severity of your problem and understand the treatment options available such as circumcision.

Phimosis is graded based on the foreskin tightness

  • Grade 0 – Skin can completely go back without any problem
  • Grade I – Skin can go back with some tightness
  • Grade II – Skin can only go back partially
  • Grade III – Skin cannot go back but the urinary hole (meatus) can be seen
  • Grade IV – Even Urinary Hole or meatus cannot be seen on retraction

Treatment Options – Circumcision and More

Grade 0 and I phimosis can be managed with application of steroid creams. The cream has to be applied on the tight part of the foreskin with clean hands. It is used thrice a day for a couple of weeks. If effective the cream can be continued for upto 6 weeks

Phimosis which is Grade II or more is best managed by Surgery. Here are the common surgeries that you can consider for treatment:

  • Preputioplasty: This procedure is advisable for patients with very mild phimosis. In this procedure the foreskin is only widened using a combination of cuts and stitches.
  • Dorsal Slit: In patients who are unfit or unwilling for conventional circumcision procedure, Dorsal slit procedure can be advised to partially open up the foreskin to allow passage of urine and basic hygiene.
  • Frenuloplasty: Occasionally it is the short and tight frenulum which causes pain during intercourse due to excessive streaching. The foreskin is usually loose enough to retract completely. In these cases a small surgery to remove the frenulum is enough to give relief.
  • Cosmetic Circumcision: Patients with religious concerns and those unwilling to completely remove the foreskin can be offered cosmetic circumcision where only the tight part of the foreskin is removed and a large part of the foreskin remains undisturbed giving a natural uncircumscribed penis
  • Conventional Circumcision: The foreskin is completely removed and there is no further issue with infection, pain during intercourse, and foul odour etc.
  • Stapler Circumcision: Stapler based circumcision or ZSR Circumcision is a faster way to undergo complete circumcision using stapler technology.
  • Laser Circumcision: Circumcision can also be performed with Carbon Dioxide laser in a bloodless manner. Laser circumcision is similar to conventional circumcision except that cutting is done with laser energy.

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