Tight Frenulum

Frenulum is a small band that connects the foreskin to the glans. This is the band that restricts the movement of the foreskin down completely. Usually this band is thin and flexible and does not cause any problems with the movement of the foreskin up and down but in some individuals it may cause bending of the penis or pain when the foreskin is moved back. Usually this happens when the frenulum is thick and tight.

How to Treat a Tight Frenulum ?

Frenulum which is short and tight and causing pain or deviation of the penis is best treated by a small and minor procedure called frenuloplasty. You can read about frenuloplasty here. Frenuloplasty takes 2 minutes and is a blood less procedure. After this procedure the glans becomes completely free of the foreskin. This procedure can be done on an OPD basis and does not require any admission in the hospital.

In rare cases steroid cream can be applied to loosen the frenular band however it is not a very effective way of treatment.

During intercourse the frenulum can occasionally tear and cause bleeding. This is often referred to as breaking of the male wedding lock or loss of Man’s Virginity. Read more about it in the Bleeding from Foreskin page.

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