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  Undescended Testicle

  • An undescended testicle (cryptorchidism) is a testicle that hasn’t moved into its proper position in the bag of skin hanging below the penis (scrotum) before birth. 
  • Usually just one testicle is affected, but about 10 percent of the time both testicles are undescended.
  • An undescended testicle is uncommon in general, but common among baby boys born prematurely.
  • The vast majority of the time, the undescended testicle moves into the proper position on its own, within the first few months of life. 
  • If your son has an undescended testicle that doesn’t correct itself, surgery can relocate the testicle into the scrotum


  • Not seeing or feeling a testicle where you would expect it to be in the scrotum is the main sign of an undescended testicle.
  • Testicles form in the abdomen during fetal development. 
  • During the last couple of months of normal fetal development, the testicles gradually descend from the abdomen through a tube-like passageway in the groin (inguinal canal) into the scrotum. 
  • With an undescended testicle, that process stops or is delayed.


  • The exact cause of an undescended testicle isn’t known.
  •  A combination of genetics, maternal health and other environmental factors might disrupt the hormones, physical changes and nerve activity that influence the development of the testicles.

Diagnosis and Treatment:-

If your son has an undescended testicle,doctor might recommend surgery for diagnosis and potential treatment:-

  • Laparoscopy:-A small tube containing a camera is inserted through a small incision in your son’s abdomen.

 Laparoscopy is done to locate an intra-abdominal testicle.

The doctor might be able to fix the undescended testicle during the same procedure, but an additional surgery might be needed in some cases. 

  • Open surgery:-Direct exploration of the abdomen or groin through a larger incision might be necessary in some cases.
  • Orchiopexy:-An orchiopexy is a surgery that moves an undescended testicle into the scrotum. An orchiopexy also typically describes the surgery that resolved testicular torsion. The procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete.
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