Burning in Urine

Burning in urine is commonly a sign of infections and stones. It can also occur due to dehydration and intake of spicy foods and bladder irritants like tea and coffee. Never the less burning in urine should be promptly attended to.

Here are the things that you need to do to stop burning in Urine

  1. Increase the intake of fluids
  2. Get a urine RM and a Urine CS test done
  3. Consult a Urologist with the reports
  4. Get any additional tests such as Ultrasound or Uroflowmetry as advised by a Urologist
  5. Follow the advised treatment
Cause of BurningSuggested Treatment
Stones Medical treatment if small and Laser Surgery if large
Bladder InflammationBladder relaxants and Anti-inflammatory agents
Urinary BlockageMedications or endoscopic surgery to open the blockage

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