Swelling over Penis

Do you feel that your penis has become swollen ? Is it swollen completely or only a part of it is swollen ? Is there pain along with this swelling ? Is there also a change in color of the penis ? Does it look like a brinjal ? This article discusses everything about what a swollen penis could be and whats the next step forward

Causes of Swelling over the Penis

For understanding the further plan it is important to understand the usual common causes of penile swelling such as:

  • Swelling of the skin due to allergy
  • Dependent edema of the penis
  • Peyronie’s disease which causes a localized swelling or lump over the penis
  • Penile Fracture where sudden trauma to erect penis causes sudden swelling and penis appears like a brinjal
  • Paraphimosis or swelling of just the retracted foreskin
  • Pseudofracture of penis where the skin becomes swollen and red
  • Cellulitis of the penile shaft in which there is swelling and redness of just the skin over the penis

Understanding the cause behind the swelling

Here are some pointers to what the likely cause could be. Lets talk about the emergency condition first which is penile fracture. Penile fracture happens when there is sudden trauma to the erect penis usually during sexual activity. There is a breaking sound and the penis become swollen with blood and loss of erection. Penile fracture need urgent surgical repair else the erection may be lost forever. In a pseudofracture the penis does not break and no sound is appreciated but the swelling is of a similar nature as a fracture but less intense.

Gradually increasing redness and swelling of the penis is also a serious condition called cellulitis. The penis becomes warm and painful followed by fever and chills. Cellulitis requires antibiotic treatment and the infection can spread to the entire body if neglected.

Many a times swelling may arise after eating something particular or after taking certain medications. This is usually an allergic response that can settle with anti-allergic medications. If there is preexisting swelling in the feet or other dependent areas it may involve the penis too and this is called dependent edema. Simple rest and compression are helpful to relieve this apart from controlling the cause of generalized swelling such as low protein, liver or kidney failure and heart failure.

Peyronies disease is a common cause of localized swelling of the penis. The swelling is felt as inside the penis and not within the skin of the penis. Peyronies disease is a result of micro-trauma during intercourse where in blood gets collected within the penis and forms a fibrous plaque. This problem is not so serious and can be treated with both medicines and surgery.

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